Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bombardier DS650!

Still available from Ron Wood Racing:

Still in Demand! The Rotax-powered Can-Am DS650, discontinued several years ago, still has its following, especially with those that feel a 450 is too small, but want more performance and handling than most 4x4 quads can offer. Stage One, Two and Three kits are still available, with Stage I being the most popular, with no internal engine mods required. A 68% increase in torque at 3,700 RPM, 23% more at 7,000 RPM, a 32% increase in horsepower at 7,700 RPM, plus an extra thousand RPM over the stock setup. Additional horsepower is achieved with Stage Two and Three kits. All parts are also available separately.
Contact Ron Wood Racing at 949-645-0393, e-mail info@rotax.net or visit our website at www.rotax.net.

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