Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ron Wood Racing, U.S. distributor for Rotax four stroke engines since 1980, has been designing and manufacturing performance exhaust systems for over 30 years, and has in all the Can-Am product line. With the introduction of the Can-Am Commander, two systems have been developed; One a Dual Exhaust Muffler Conversion, and the other a Single Exhaust Muffler Conversion. Both systems utilize the stock headpipe attaching to our stepped midpipe section, to a graduated reverse cone megaphone design for greater midrange and top end horsepower. Units are completely fabricated from 304 stainless steel with double mounting brackets on the mufflers for durability under stressful operating conditions. The mufflers are filled with endless strand type packing for long life. Three end caps are available; open end, turn down, or spark arrestor. Our own design spark arrestor is an external mounted screen with virtually no loss of power, plus a reduction in noise level. Other spark arrestors or quiet cores are mounted internally, resulting in a loss in horsepower. No body parts or bed modification or bed removal required for easy installation. Dual system shown.